1. ETA / Tracking No. / Where to track it?
A: Normally 8-10 days. Please find the tracking number at “My Account > Orders”. And check it at: https://www.royalmail.com/

2. How do I know when you sent the bags?
A: You’ll receive another auto notification email in 1-2 days, you may need to check your junk box. Another way is visiting My Account for the tracking number.

3. Why is the tracking number not working or not moving for days?
A: Please no worry, it’s normal sometimes for the first 3-5 days. And will be there in the last few days of the ETA. However, please feel free to draw us a line if you believe something is wrong there.

4. Should I be worried that it’s still not delivered in 2 weeks?
A: Yes, please reply this email, we’ll look into it. Please do not open the dispute or claim from PayPal without contacting. Guarantee the full refund if missing.

5. The bags has a prob.
A: Please reply this email, we’ll send replacement or make a refund, no need to return.

6. Can I return it? I bought it by mistake.
A: Sure thing, please reply this email for the returning address.

7. I have a prob with the bags, but it’s been 2 or 3 months.
A: No prob, we’ll take care of it upto 180 days, please reply this email for the replacement or other solutions.

8. It’s a birthday present, can I have it before next Fri?
A: Sorry we’re not able to guarantee the delivery date. However, it’s possible if still in the ETA frame. Or please reply this email immediately for a full refund before we dispatch it.

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